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Our in-patient care

Our philosophy is to care for your pets the same way we would want our own pets to be cared for.

Unlike most veterinary practices, we believe that if your pet needs to be hospitalised they should be cared for properly during the night as well as during the day. In most veterinary practices in the UK patients are left unattended overnight.

We believe this lack of care is simply not good enough. We have had staff on – site at night since 1993, and we have employed dedicated night nurses since 2004.

Our highly trained veterinary nurses care for our patients 24/7 at our veterinary hospital in Bicester.

Our night nurses work only during the night, and sleep during the day. This allows us to be there for our patients throughout the night – monitoring fluid pumps, administering medications such as antibiotics and pain killers, tempting our patients to eat, ensuring our patients are clean and comfortable, and most important of all providing some much needed tlc.

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24/7 Emergency care 01869 323223

Our vets and nurses provide a 24 hour emergency service from our Bicester Veterinary Hospital.