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Taking your pet to Europe

The UK Government has agreed with the EU to an extension of Article 50. This means that for the time being pets can travel using the existing pet passport scheme. Please be aware that if we have a no-deal Brexit then the requirements for taking your pet with you will change.

Current rules for pet travel within the EU:

• Your pet must have a microchip, Rabies vaccination and a pet passport
• The Rabies vaccine is a single injection that is repeated every 3 years
• Pets can travel from 21 days after the Rabies vaccine
• All dogs must have a tapeworm treatment, supervised by a vet, between 24 and 120 hours before returning to the UK

We do not have many of the vector borne diseases in the UK that cause illness in pets in mainland Europe. We recommend that you discuss parasite control with your vet prior to taking your pet abroad.

If Brexit takes place the legislation affecting pet travel will change. If we leave without a deal this change will be sudden. It is more likely at the moment that we will leave with a deal in which case pet travel will continue the same as it is now through a two year transition period. For people who definitely need to travel with their pet in early 2020 it is recommended that owners follow the EU protocol for “unlisted countries”:

• The pet must be microchipped and then have a rabies vaccine, with a blood test 30 days later
• The pet can’t travel until 3 months after the blood test, and only if the test comes back with a pass, indicating that the pet has enough rabies antibodies to provide protection

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. Further information is available on the UK government website.

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