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Position available: Veterinary Surgeon

A job advert doesn’t provide the space to fully describe our practice and a website doesn’t carry the information that a potential member of the vet team wants to know. These few pages hopefully bridge that gap and tell you more about the ethos and the equipment available at Hartvets.

Teamwork at Hartvets

At Hartvets we strongly believe in supporting one another with cases through twice daily rounds but also through doing different procedures with one another to help develop new skills. Our most junior staff have a designated second on call but all team members are able to call upon the directors and senior vets for advice on cases (we have a PACS system so that we can look at our radiographs and scans remotely, anywhere in the world) and physical help when needed.

The team at Hartvets

It says something about a practice how long people have been there. Ian and Clare Hart founded the practice in Bicester 24 years ago. Cathy Prior, who now works on reception and accounts via nursing and practice manager, has been with us the whole time, Karen Booth for 23 years and Linda Wells for 22 years. Tim Chapman joined Ian and Clare 16 years ago and founded our Waddesdon Surgery in 2010. Of our vets Gemma Prophet has been with us over 10 years, Gina Girvan and Steffi Warrillow 7 years, Rosie Upton 4 years, Lizzie Stevens 3 years with Steffi and Lizzie having been here since graduation.

Consultation times

Consultations are by appointment only. Most of our appointments are 15 minutes. We book 10 minutes for routine post-op checks but 20 minutes+ for complex cases when indicated. We encourage vets to book their own procedures in so that they can ensure continuity and plan for the procedure as required.


The most important part of any practice is the people within it but to do a good job you need to have the tools at your disposal. We purchase equipment from the NHS and overseas to be able to have a level of kit not usually seen outside of referral hospitals. It seems a little odd to produce a list, but knowing what is already available (we are always open to buying items that will be used) determines if you could do what you already do or perhaps much more!


At our Bicester Hospital we have two Philips scanners. An IU-22 with C8-5, L19-5 and L9-3 probes for abdominal and soft tissue work and an IU-33 with S5-1 and X7-2 probes for cardiac work. Both machines are capable of doing other roles but just not as well. The images are saved to our PACS system for our own records, to show to clients in a consult and also to export easily to specialists or other team members for advice. Our Waddesdon surgery has a GE Logic scanner with cardiac and abdominal probes which is portable to the point it can be taken on a home visit when required.


Both surgeries have GE AMX-4 units. These are quite large units making them capable of producing a short exposure for even the largest of our patients. We currently use Agfa CR systems at both sites for producing the images which are exported to our PACS system automatically for in house and external use. Our Bicester hospital has a rise and fall Bucky table.


We have a Pentax video endoscopy set up with light source/pump unit at Bicester. There is a colonoscope, gastroscope, paediatric gastroscope (5.4mm), bronchoscope and cystoscope. We also have some ancient rigid endoscopy that in combination with a flexible scope and rigid instrumentation is invaluable for oesophageal foreign bodies.


Both sites have good quality ECG units as well as the anaesthesia monitors being available for longer term assessment of rhythm.

Anaesthesia and intensive care monitoring

Both sites have anaesthesia monitoring at each station; they are Datex S5 units with anaesthetic gas analysis (CO2, O2, anaesthetic agent, N2O), pulse oximetry, NIBP, Temperature, ECG. There are other features beyond these if someone wanted to use them.

Orthopaedic surgery

Ian loves his orthopaedics so it is no surprise we have all the usual instrumentation and more with two 3M mini drivers (a spare is a wonderful thing), a MicroAire micro-osteotome (air-driven), TTA rapid kit, Minos high speed handpiece, external fixation, Orthomed SOP, Ridgestop and 1.5, 2.0, 2.7, 3.5 plate/screw sets

General surgery

Both sites have Ligasure vessel sealers for laparoscopic and open surgery. We use the titanium handpieces with inserts for open surgery which are reprocessed using ethylene oxide sterilisation. If you have used vessel sealers before you wouldn’t want to not have them; if you haven’t used them before then they are superb for anything from an ovariectomy to a splenectomy to a liver lobe removal. We also have Eschmann monopolar and bipolar diathermy. Instrumentation is good quality with Debakey forceps as standard for example.


We are proud of our low post-operative infection rate. We have 2 vacuum autoclaves, one a capacious 60L for large or multiple kits, the other for a smaller kit or the things you forgot as well as ethylene oxide sterilisation for delicate instruments and plastics


We are developing our use of minimally invasive surgery using a Stryker system complimented by ligasure vessel sealing. We have all the set-up required for arthroscopy bar a shaver but are not presently using this facility.

Operating Microscope

We have a basic but high quality Leica operating microscope useful for ophthalmology but also other detailed work with magnification from 80-500 x.


We have dedicated biochemistry and haematology analysers at both sites. Both biochemistry analysers use wet chemistry – Eclipse at Bicester and VetScan at Waddesdon. We have an excellent relationship with TDDS and Bridge pathology for additional tests, cytology and histopathology with a carrier collection at 8:30 each evening.

In the consultation rooms

Each room has a Keeler or Heine ophthalmoscope and Auroscope, a Leica refractometer and a standard and infant Littman stethoscope.

To discuss the position further please call Ian or Tim on 01869 323223(w) or email your CV to


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